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What is a Social Enterprise?

You may see the term ‘social enterprise’ mentioned frequently throughout our website. This is quick 1 minute video explaining what a social enterprise is.

Impact Investing is Catching Fire: Here’s What You Need to Know

What is Impact Investing? How is it different from traditional investing and philanthropy? This 2 and a half minute video covers the bigger picture.

 Relevant Reads

Introduction to Gender Lens Investing & Market Trends

Prepared by SVX, this primer explains:

  • What is gender lens investing?
  • What are the three basic gender lenses and metrics used to measure progress?
  • Why is gender lens investing important?
  • What are current GLI trends in the public and private markets?
  • What are limitations and opportunities in GLI?

5 must-read resources on impact investing, gender and racial equality

Prepared by SVX from 2019, this blog post shares resources on how to invest with a gender lens, an investor’s guide to investing for racial equality, case studies, and more. 

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