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From regional to multi-regional programming for both entrepreneurs and investors, here you will find the following programs:

Entrepreneur Accelerator Programs

Support services for women/non-binary entrepreneurs to receive mentorship, become investment ready, and understand the investing ecosystem.

Investor Education Programs

Collaboration and co-creation with investors, from inclusive investment practices to investor pitches.

Impact Challenge Programming

A program presented by Spring, purpose-driven founders can increase their funding readiness, understand how investors evaluate impact companies, and get the chance to be selected for a $100K+ investment.

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On-Demand SMART Programs

Gain essential business skills on your own schedule with self-paced learning


For: Women Entrepreneurs

About Program

WeBC is delighted to launch SMART Programs to help women entrepreneurs across Canada to develop their business skills!

With our SMART Programs, you can expand your knowledge on topics like HR, Financial Fitness and Strategic Marketing through self-paced learning, plus gain wrap-around support through advisory services and resiliency training.

Our new On-Demand Learning Platform is designed to help you understand key concepts, work through interactive case studies and complete activities that apply the learning to your own business.

Gender Lens Investing 101

How to Maximize Returns by Investing in Women-led Businesses


For: Accredited Investors (Individuals, Families, Foundations, Faith-based Organizations)

About Program

Embark on a transformative journey in Gender Lens Investing (GLI) with our free self-paced introductory virtual course, Gender Lens Investing 101, designed for Canadian accredited investors eager to begin or advance their understanding of GLI principles.

Investment-Ready: WIN-VC Atlantic

Designing & deploying a capital strategy for your growing venture that is aligned with you as an entrepreneur and the impact you seek to create.


For: Early-stage women & Non-Binary Founders (before their pre-seed raise, or considering whether or how to raise venture capital)

Start Date: Nov. 2023 - Jun. 2024 (8 month commitment)

Application Deadline: Friday, November 10th, 2023

About Program

You’ve launched a product or service into the marketplace and are getting early traction. You’re hearing that you ‘should’ raise venture capital but you know you’re still a bit early for that, and you’re not yet sure if you want to. Join us PDC’s WIN-VC program where we’ll connect you to other founders, help you meet and network with founders who can help you further your vision, and support you with individualized coaching.

Impact Investor Challenge

Scale your impact for a sustainable and equitable world.

Type: VIRTUAL, with in-person opportunities

For: Women & Non-Binary Founders

Ongoing (8-12 week commitment)

Application Deadline: Visit spring.is for up-to-date deadlines.

About Program

The Impact Investor Challenges (IICs) empowers purpose-driven founders to increase their funding readiness, understand how investors evaluate impact companies and have the opportunity to be selected for a minimum $100K+ investment.

Women Led Impact Investor Challenge

Maximize your impact by investing in our top women led impact ventures.


For: All aspiring or accredited Canadian investors of any gender

Start Date: Fall 2023 (8 weeks, 2 hours per week commitment)

Application Deadline: Visit spring.is for up-to-date deadlines.

About Program

Learn to maximize your investment impact by participating in a pooled investment of up to $200K to the top women led impact venture in Canada.

Momentum: Investment Readiness

Fuelling Success: Empowering Women & Non-Binary Entrepreneurs of Colour


For: Equity-Deserving Women and Non-Binary entrepreneurs in Southwestern Ontario

Start Date: Mar. 4th 2024 - April 19th 2024 (5-6 week commitment)

Application Deadline: Rolling Basis

About Program

This investment readiness program is a financial empowerment journey designed exclusively for equity deserving women and non-binary entrepreneurs. We provide a supportive community and a knowledge based approach to help you master financial literacy, build a sustainable business, and harness the momentum needed for lasting success.

Rethinking Meritocracy: Working Together to Create a More Equitable Atlantic Economy

Working together to continue to develop a more equitable investment approach elevating the Atlantic economy

Type: IN-PERSON, with virtual follow-up

For: Institutional investors in Atlantic Canada

Start Date: Following the 2024 Atlantic Venture Forum

Application Deadline: Submit your interest here before May 2024.

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