Investment Ready: WIN-VC Atlantic

Designing & deploying a capital strategy for your growing venture that is aligned with you as an entrepreneur and the impact you seek to create.

Type: Atlantic Canada, VIRTUAL

For: Early-stage women & Non-Binary Founders (before their pre-seed raise, or considering whether or how to raise venture capital)

Start Date: Nov. 2023 - Jun. 2024 (8 month commitment)

Application Deadline: Friday, November 10th, 2023

Program Description

You’ve launched a product or service into the marketplace and are getting early traction. You’re hearing that you ‘should’ raise venture capital but you know you’re still a bit early for that, and you’re not yet sure if you want to. Join us for our WIN-VC program where we’ll connect you to other founders, help you meet and network with founders who can help you further your vision, and support you with individualized coaching.

Key Learning Outcomes


    Developed and/or refined capital strategy. 


    Executive coaching to help founders move along the investment readiness continuum.


    Deeper knowledge of types of capital, how to access them and how they fit into their strategy. 


    Deeper knowledge of their capitalization table, and early development of a data room. 

    Application Process

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