Women Led Impact Investor Challenge

Maximize your impact by investing in our top women led impact ventures.

Type: Multi-Regional, VIRTUAL

For: All aspiring or accredited Canadian investors of any gender

Start Date: Fall 2023 (8 weeks, 2 hours per week commitment)

Application Deadline: Visit spring.is for up-to-date deadlines.

Program Description

The Women Led Impact Investor Challenge is a 8-week, value-packed program, empowering impact-curious investors to invest in women led, purpose-driven businesses aligning with their values and target returns.

Through the Women Led Impact Investor Challenge, Spring facilitates a joint cohort of individual investors and impact ventures to navigate all aspects of the investment process. From market analysis and impact measurement to negotiation, we work through a detailed program, culminating in an actual investment.

Program Perks include:


Learn the basics of early-stage impact investing


Access investment opportunities in the impact space


Availability of early-stage capital for women impact founders


Foster strong relationships between like-minded investors and entrepreneurs beyond the program

Application Process

Contact neema@spring.is to learn how you can get involved in this challenge, or future women led challenges.

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