Impact Investor Challenge

Scale your impact for a sustainable and equitable world.

Type: VIRTUAL, with in-person opportunities

For: Women & Non-Binary Founders

Start Date: Ongoing (8-12 week commitment)

Application Deadline: Visit for up-to-date deadlines.

Program Description

Are you a startup founder driven to create positive change? Are you dedicated to building a problem-solving business that leaves a lasting impact on society and/or the environment? If so, welcome to a challenge that shares your values and fuels your ambition.

The Impact Investor Challenges (IICs) empowers purpose-driven founders to increase their funding readiness, understand how investors evaluate impact companies and have the opportunity to be selected for a minimum $100K+ investment.

Program Perks include:


Refining how to measure and leverage your impact


Making direct connections with investors


Polishing your pitch for like-minded investors


Understanding deal mechanics


Positioning your exit

Key Learning Outcomes


    Understanding the impact investor mindset: dive into a unique opportunity to work closely with impact-motivated investors, understanding their thought processes as well as what they look for and care about when considering to invest.


    The investor evaluation process: learn what investors look for when evaluating startups as well as how they evaluate market opportunities, businesses and teams.


    Polishing up your pitch: receive expert advice on how to develop your pitch and learn how to leverage the impact component of your business when making your case.


    Deal mechanics & understanding returns: learn about due diligence and the alternative types of returns that impact companies can offer investors, the ROI timeline, and how to position your business for an exit.

    This program is for:

    • Entrepreneurs who fit the challenge criteria (ie. Health, Climate, Women Led).

    • You’re a Seed or Series A stage socially and/or environmentally driven healthcare venture looking to raise capital and scale your impact

    • You’re excited to be part of a like-minded community of individuals passionate about making the world a better place

    • Your venture is based in Canada

    • You’re not only looking to raise funds but also access expertise to help move your team forward.

    Application Process

    Reach out to if there’s a challenge waiting for your company. 

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